Natural light doesn’t have to come at the cost of privacy

The common way of letting more natural light into your house often consists in installing glass doors and walls.

There are 7 creative ways to accomplish this differently:

  1. Add a skylight window in the roof:

A skylight is covered with transparent or translucent glass material, it is designed to admit light for daylight ventilation

  1. Position windows high:

In architecture, a clerestory is a high section of wall that has windows above eye level to admit light and fresh air.

  1. Use lighter colours to bring light into the space:

If white is off the table, you should go for warm-toned neutrals to make a dark space seem brighter. For example, using softer pastel rose tones, lavender, light blue, soft grey, warm shades of orange and warm shades of yellow.

  1. Paint Your Eaves White:

Even if your house exterior is a different colour, you can still paint your eaves white.

The eaves section reflects natural light and sends it into your home which is why painting your eaves white means it will enhance the natural light in every room of your home. The reason why this trick works is because of the angle of the eaves toward the house.

  1. Utilise gloss paint for your walls:

Mirror reflects light and by using glossier paint for your walls, you give them a mirror-like effect. If you like matte, try eggshell. If you like eggshell sheen, try semi-gloss.

  1. Choose the right flooring:

Flooring can also be helpful when it comes to reflect natural light in your home. Choosing wooden, ceramic, or stone floors with a polished finish will reflect more light than carpets.

  1. To maximize your natural lighting in a practical way:
  • Make sure your furniture is not blocking your windows
  • Place mirrors strategically to reflect natural lighting
  • Paint the frames of the interior windows white and keep your windows clean
  • Use glass doors
  • Avoid heavy drapes


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