Australian homes and needs have changed throughout the years. That’s why modern homes are designed today to be not just stylish but also functional.

It’s no surprise that duplex designs are such a popular option for those that want to pack more living into one place or looking for a simple property development option.

Contemporary houses have a modern appeal, focusing on functionality over form. There are many reasons to go with contemporary house plans; modern house plans generally seek a balance between space and overall home size, they give extra attention to natural light levels, they are earth- friendly and overall, they make the process an efficient and environmentally friendly investment.

What you’re allowed to do to get your Modern Duplex Design Home will differ from place to place, and although it can pose some design challenges, here at Perfect Square Design we can make it simpler for you to achieve your duplex design and development goals.

Elegant Modern Duplex Designs to Suit Any Budget

Your building designer can guide you every step of the way so you can save time and money and avoid all sorts of costly mistakes as a duplex can shave off construction time and costs when compared to building two separate homes, and for many it provides a:

  • Comfortable
  • Low maintenance and
  • Affordable home option

Whether you’re a mid-century purist or just like modern design that’s simple, practical, and aesthetically pleasing by its chic and minimalist nature, Perfect Square Design will design you a home that incorporates what you need with the architectural form that makes it a special place to be. You can have all the things you love about a modern home, tailored especially for you.

Pros Of A Contemporary Modern Duplex Designs

Choosing a modern duplex house design is a great way to get a stylish but comfy enough home that will create an amazing cosy setting. The pros of a contemporary home are the high-end design, sleek modern appearance, and lower running costs. Contemporary architecture often utilizes building materials that help to minimise your carbon footprint, allowing you to save money on bills and reducing energy consumption.

Select the most vital part of the house and assemble the elements for décor and design. By deciding the décor theme, you are choosing an overall look for your home.

In general, nobody wants a boring home design anymore. People nowadays seek uniqueness, comfort, budget-friendly, trendy, and contemporary designs which is everything a modern duplex house has internally and externally.

Getting a contemporary home means to focus on the details, de spaciousness, the art, the furniture, the personal touches, it is a true reflection of you and your family. These are new houses with eco credentials. They are good for the planet and can be easy on the eye.

In these modern times, more and more people are embracing green lifestyles, including using more natural materials in their homes. These materials are environmentally friendly and reduce health risks. They also last for a long time.

Modern homes tend to incorporate lots of glass by installing large windows or getting glass doors, also a modern home design is meant to maximize space, so you never feel cramped.

Modern architecture works with straight and curved lines to best use available space. This combination of straight and curved lines also makes living space flexible and versatile meaning that it allows you to set out your home in the way you want and subsequently change it in the future if you wish to.

The functionality is very important and should be kept in mind while designing a modern duplex house, our expert building design team are innovators in design and will find clever solutions to make your home a more flexible place to live, work and play, no matter the size or budget.  We can even show you how to make it a smarter and more energy efficient home for easier and more sustainable living.

Best of all, we’re with you throughout the whole design process, from concept through to build, so you’re never alone.

Let’s explore the possibilities together.
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