About Duplex Designs

It’s hard to imagine Sydney these days without duplexes, and with more and more people taking an interest in getting the most out of their blocks, duplex designs aren’t going away any time soon.

So, what is a duplex?

Simply, it’s two dwellings built together on one block of land, usually joined by a common wall.  They can be on one land title or the land can be sub-divided so each duplex can be owned separately.  Generally, the dwellings will sit side by side facing the road, except in some instances such as an approved corner block.

What you’re allowed to do will differ from place to place, and although it can pose some design challenges, here at Perfect Square Design we can make it simpler for you to achieve your duplex design and development goals.

Why a duplex house design could be the ideal solution for you

It’s no surprise that duplex designs are such a popular option for those that want to pack more living into one place or looking for a simple property development option.

Whether you’re a two storey duplex designs person or single storey is more your thing, the possibilities are endless……live in one and rent or sell the other, sell or rent both, or build it as a great way to bring generations together.

Not only that, building a duplex can shave off construction time and costs when compared to building two separate homes, and for many it provides a

  • comfortable
  • low maintenance and
  • affordable home option.

2-Storey Duplex Designs

The wonderful thing about 2-storey duplex designs is that they offer more living space relative to the block and may even reveal views you didn’t know were there.  Having a smaller footprint, you also may find it will allow you to keep more lawn for the kids, or even sneak in a swimming pool.

In the right setting, clever duplex designs can create a sense of individuality and even make it hard to imagine you have someone living on the other side of the wall.

2-Storey Duplexes can also incorporate a wide variety of house design styles however there may be some local design considerations that come into play.

Single Storey Duplex Designs

Prefer a home without stairs?  Then single storey duplex designs could be for you.  They are a desirable choice as they can feel like a stand-alone home with only a garage and a single span of wall connecting you with your neighbours.

Depending on the location and design, your single storey duplex may even turn out to appeal to a broader range of people.

Duplex Designs for Narrow Blocks

Are you worried you don’t have enough frontage for a duplex development?  It’s hard to imagine, but with as little as a 12-metre frontage you may be able to build a duplex.

Before you race out to buy that inner suburban or regional city block, it is important to remember that not all narrow blocks are suited to duplexes (or allowed!) for a whole lot of reasons.  Like any building design, duplex designs for narrow blocks also need to satisfy strict State and local council regulations and have to go through approval processes.

Perfect Square Design can help you work out if your narrow site is suitable for a duplex.

Duplex Designs Sydney

From a planning perspective, duplex designs are providing a fantastic low-rise medium density solution to communities in Sydney and many other parts of NSW.

Not only is your duplex providing a housing or investment solution for you, with smart design principles you may be creating a fantastic legacy for your kids and helping to address housing shortages in your City.

Although it may appear as though there is an encouraging level of planning support for duplexes in some areas, before you get started ALWAYS consult with a duplex designs Sydney specialist who can check out if you have the appropriate zoning and site.  At Perfect Square Design we can guide you on what is involved, including costs, and other things you need to keep in mind for a successful duplex design project.

There are many types of duplex designs out there. A duplex can be a single-storey or double-storey and can even include a basement. Most designs are done side by side but can also be done one above the other. All duplexes in NSW need to get approval, and this can either be done through your local council in the form of a Development Application (DA), or you may be permitted to do this as a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) subject to requirements. For more information, feel free to send through your enquiry.
Most certainly! Duplexes can give you a very good return on investment, especially if you are sitting on a large block of land. In some instances, clients want to build a duplex to support their kids while they move out of the home. There are many reasons people want to build a duplex, and all are valid reasons.
This is the golden question. It is hard to estimate exactly how much a duplex would cost as it depends on what you are proposing, your site conditions and the materials used. Generally speaking, you will need to allow at least $700,000 for construction, and prices can go up to $2mil depending on how much you invest in the finishes and size.
Depending on your site and permitted floor space ratio (FSR), generally speaking, you can build approximately 50% of your site area. In some instances, this could be 75%. If you would like to find out more information about your site, feel free to send through your enquiry
Every state defines a villa differently. For example, in QLD, a villa is the same as a townhouse, but in NSW, a villa is a small single-level home with a private courtyard within a complex of dwellings. A duplex is 2 attached or detached separate dwellings.
Generally speaking, you will need to allow at least 8 months to build a duplex, but this is subject to the market availability of trades and materials and of course your site conditions.